Mer burritos åt folket

TomToms Burritos är den mexikanska street food-oasen på Prinsgatan i Göteborg. Med en sprakande atmosfär och stora smaker är ett besök hos TomToms ett måste för alla burrito-älskare. Eftersom vi själva länge varit fantaster av irländaren Tom och hans mat så kände vi att det var på tiden att vi fick veta lite mer om honom och hans burrito-hemligheter.

Tom. Who are you? Why is an Irishman making burritos in a Swedish city?

I was a professional athlete (800m) who was ranked 5th in Europe, competed at olympic games, world champs etc and I met a swedish woman and moved to Sweden when I retired from sport. It was very hard to try to find a job here as a non-Swede, ex athlete so I decided to start my own business. I had lived in America (Indiana, Colorado, New Mexico and Florida) for around 6,5 years and saw the explosion of Mexican street food there. I saw that Sweden was maybe a few years behind this trend and decided to go for it and start a Mexican street food restaurant.

Your burritos are simply put. Amazing. How do you create such great flavours?

You’re making me blush! Keeping it simple is the key. We use only fresh vegetables, fresh meats, fresh avocados to make our meats and salsas. We also use authentic ingredients that we have to import ourselves from Mexico, such as our dried chilis. Both the authenticity of our key ingredients as well as the freshness of the produce translates into big flavours that stay with you!

You also have a food truck. When? Where? and What?

Yes, we have a deli style food truck where we focus more on Mexico City style dishes as opposed to Mission style burritos. We do tacos, tortas, all sorts. We use it almost as a test kitchen and some of the stuff that comes out of that little truck is INSANELY good….watch for our tamarind braised short rib tacos this summer….they WILL blow your mind. Right now we’re trying to find a ‘fast plats’ for the truck but just check our facebook page to find out where we are next!


What’s the best about Gothenburg? people/weather/stores/food/city vibe etc.

I think Gothenburg people are really genuine, a little laid back but have a great appreciation for quality. The weather sucks, but I’m used to that being Irish. The city has a small town feel, despite being quite a big city and I love the rundown old dockyard feel that is being made fresh as the city redevelops itself, areas such as Kville or down by Sockerbruket are cool and will only be reinvented while still remaining authentic to their original incarnation. it’s an exciting time to live in this city.

What’s your poison after a hard work week/day?

At the moment I’m partial to an Innes and Gunn lager. It’s full of flavour for a lager…good to rehydrate with after a long day in the sweatbox of the TomToms kitchen. If I’m looking for something more refined it has to be a single malt Irishman whiskey, small batch, craft irish whiskey…served neat, then to bed to recharge for the next day of TomToms madness!


Is there anything new on the horizon that we should keep an eye out for?

We’ve got our food truck pumping out great eats, and our weekend specials menu at TomToms Burritos, either way we’re always trying to innovate and create new experiences while retaining our original hits that people have come to know and love.

Om ni blev sugna på att prova på Toms käk så hittar ni honom och kollegorna på Prinsgatan 10. Ni kan följa deras instagram och facebook och för mer information har ni hemsidan. Just nu erbjuder TomToms en massa förmåner till sina följare i Pinyata. Prova bland annat deras weekend special Angel Burger och få gratis bacon!